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tile floor detail noted in entryway. Door is carved oak, and the desk in the background is oak with lighter wood insets
Many beautiful details: marble floors, tile floor details and carved oak on all the doors, woodwork and desks.
Arched wall with relief of Greek god; some decorative railing can be seen in the upper right corner; in the background is a large blackboard
The entryway features large arches with two bas-relief images of Greek gods; notice the large chalkboard in the background, which displays election results.
A view of the courtroom, facing the bench. There are seven stained glass window sections on the wall behind the bench.
The courtroom was recently remodeled, with careful attention to replicate the carved oak pattern in the rest of the courthouse. The stained glass panels, part of the original courthouse, were discovered behind prior remodeling.
The steps leading up from the basement. The walls are thick stones, with drill marks from the quarry process. The ceilings are arched
The basement reveals the thick stone foundation. The stones still bear marks from blasting from the quarry. Note the brick arches.
Exterior photos of the Mahaska County Courthouse.

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Photos were taken June 9, 2009. Many thanks to Troy Bemis, who provided the guided tour, and Kay Swanson for assistance and historical information