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A view of the judge's bench from the southeast corner of the courtroom. Gallery seats are in the foregrounds, and the carved bar is in the center of the photo
The grand courtroom contains many original or carefully reproduced features, including the drapes, pressed ceiling, carved oak bar, and auditorium style gallery seats. The original jury chairs with hand-stitched replacement seats and backs are by the west windows.
The clock works inside a protective room, with the tower face visible in the background
The E. Howard Clock, model #3 installed in 1900, works quietly in a protective room in the tower. Notice the tower's clock face visible through the glass.
A view of the lobby, facing northwest. The columns and staircase are shown
The lobby also contains many stunning original and carefully reproduced features.  During remodeling, the south entrance was closed, the original staircase moved, and an extra floor placed on the mezzanine level to provide additional office space. Some of the new ceiling is visible at the top of the staircase in this photo.
A view of the stairs leading from the entrance to the main floor lobby. Intricate oak carving and iron details on the rail support
The starcase leading from the north entrance to the main floor lobby features intricately carved wood railing and supports, and a unique iron support for the brass railing in the center of the stairs.
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Photos were taken on July 13, 2009 with assistance and information provided by Lisa Gassman, Administrative Assistant for the Marshall County Board of Supervisors