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Vault door with decal image on outside
Vaults are found in many offices, with safe doors by Hall's Safe and Lock Co.  Each features scenic decorative decals.
View of courtroom from the rear. The gallery seats are iron and wood; the attorney tables and chairs and judge's bench are carved wood.
The courtroom features carved wood tables and chairs, spring-rocking cane chairs in the jury box, and stained glass windows. Note the horizontal radiators behind the rail. The ceiling has been lowered for sound-proofing and duct work
Painting of three goddesses, with Lady Justice in the center holding scales and a sword

A mural featuring the Goddess of Justice is located on the west wall at the rear of the courtroom
Tables and carved chairs in front of shelves filled with law books. A bookstand is on the left
Carved wood chairs, featured in a photo of the new courthouse's first jury in 1892, sit in the law library. Note the book stand on the right.

Exterior Photos of Montgomery County Courthouse

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Interior photos taken May 15, 2009. Tour and information provided by Greg Dickerson, Montgomery County Courthouse Maintenance Manager.